Hello. My name is DrewMEB. I write about things on here. Read it or not, I don’t really care.

I have a boring Chandler Bing-esq job with numbers and money but without the Chandler Bing-esq salary. I now live in Florida after living in London and Oregon for a while. I run a Game of Thrones podcast called A Cast For Crows which I guess will be ending this year.

Formerly, I used to run a music website called Mind Equals Blown but then decided I’d go to grad school and pretend to be an adult. I also “run” a media website called Dead Screen but while pretending to be an adult I accidentally picked up adult responsibilities so it doesn’t get nearly enough love.

I started this blog because as I became more settle in my adult life of putting on pants, going to work, being a homeowner, paying taxes, grilling, and saying stuff like “who eats dinner after 9 pm?”, I realized I had a forgotten to “create” anything in like 5 years. So this blog is an attempt to “create”…something. If only for a place for me to justify playing so may games and watching so many movies. I kinda just need a space to “create” and I guess this will be it until Mr. Twitch hires me to play video games full time or I win the lottery and can start a series of small, independent, movie theaters across the US.

To steal from a good bud Thom Nassiff, “If you read it, thank you; if you don’t, that’s okay too. Thanks for stopping by.”